By Aimée Dhonte

Edited by Julia Dec

Whether it is in movies, books or songs, Christmas spirit never disappoints! Advent is not only a specific month: it’s a setting with the people you cherish, with activities you can’t wait to engage in since the first school bell rang the end of summer. Here are a few ideas to make Advent this year worth the wait, and as iconic as it can be! 

1) Direct or imagine a Christmas movie script with a friend: every single year, new Christmas movies are released with the EXACT same plot twist: “Jessica cannot come home for Christmas because she works too hard. Will she be able to relax while she catches up with John, her high school sweetheart?” Try and come up with a different or similar story line with a friend, making it simpler and more natural, or even more delusional and improbable. 

2) Baking! One of the many perks of attending a European School is that you have many different friends who have many different nationalities! This Advent, organize a contest for the best Christmas treat from each country! Something else you could do in the kitchen is having a blast trying to recreate your friend’s recipe that they translate many times beforehand into different languages, before coming back to English: you’ll be left with steps that don’t make sense! 

Illustration by Ana Wallis

3) Create Christmas cards or decorations by hand! DIYs are extremely fun to do! If you have time to kill, it’s a must. You can find so many different ideas and levels of difficulty to keep you entertained while you wait for your Christmas cookies to cool down!

4) Luxembourg is not very famous for its great weather, and it’s not very likely that you’ll get your perfect snowy photoshoot this Christmas! Instead, opt for indoor activities such as ice skating, shopping, pottery, bowling or playing an escape game! 

5) One thing that is always fun to do is organizing a Secret Santa with your friends or family. With a limited budget, enjoy finding or making a cute gift for a close one! 

6) Christmas is a great time to give back to others. Sign up for volunteering with a friend, clean out a park near where you live, or ask neighbors to walk their dogs: doing it with someone is highly encouraging and makes it more fun! 

7) Take some time off for yourself! Take yourself out for dinner, do your best skincare, watch your favorite show drinking your favorite drink! There’s nothing wrong with treating or spending time with yourself.

8) Last but not least, a classic: karaoke! Nothing comes close to singing good old Christmas songs at the top of your lungs with someone special.  

Most importantly, Christmas break is here for you to relax. It’s here to congratulate you for your hard work: for finishing your exams, or just your semester! It’s here for you to enjoy time with your friends, your family, and yourself! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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